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Facebook Simplifying Privacy


Yes, it sounds at least a little counter-intuitive – and I’ve never exactly been a fan of Facebook (I use it, and quite a lot, but that means it’s useful rather than likeable) – but the people at Facebook have now taken a big step to improving awareness and usability of PGP. There’s still a lot more that could be done but at least this might help e-mail encryption become a little more mainstream. For […]

Malware Analysis Toolkit: Playing in the Sandbox

This entry is 3 of 3 in the Malware Analysis Toolkit series

By now you should have your sandbox fully installed and configured, and most likely you, like me, are desperate to try it out. So let’s go through the last few steps to do that. First, go to your python directory. You’ll get a handful of status messages, and finally one saying ‘Waiting for analysis tasks’. If you’re happy working through the command line you can submit samples with: There are various other options which are […]

Malware Analysis Toolkit: Guest Machine (Virtual)

This entry is 2 of 3 in the Malware Analysis Toolkit series

Last time we set up the control machine for our Cuckoo Sandbox malware analysis system. This time we’ll be creating and configuring a virtual machine to work with it – physical machines can wait, as if you’re worrying about that then most likely you don’t need to read this tutorial (conceptually it’s pretty similar though, just with a different snapshot method). I’m going to assume that you know how to create a virtual machine in […]