A New Path

The 7th of September, 2020 is an important day for me as it will mark the the re-launch of the family company with me fully taking the helm as the new company director. This is an exciting step for me and for the future of the company.  

Bores has a wonderful heritage, being set up in October 1988 by Chris and Sarah Bore with an impassioned focus on training NXP/TriMedia hardware and software as well as image and digital signal processing (DSP). However, these industry pioneers retired earlier this year and handed over the business name and values to me, their son (along with the business trip shotglass collection).

I am not new to the family business and I have been working on an ad hoc basis for the company since 2005 (earlier if you include hooking up BNC connectors because small hands are better under desks). However, on the 7th this will be my full-time role and I have to say that I am excited for what the future holds.

Whilst wanting to maintain the essence of the business as set up by Chris and Sarah, I do have some exciting plans for the future. Bores will no longer be offering DSP or NXP training as I am steering the focus of the company onto digital, data and cyber security, and am offering a bespoke consultancy and training service along these lines.

So, where have I come from?

I have grown up with the business and technology since its foundation in 1988 and have a deep-rooted passion and fascination for computers, networking and IT security. I had once considered a different path and started a physics degree in 2000, but decided I would much rather work in IT. And I am so glad I did.

After a few years working in the IT industry across the board including; IT support, security, development, architecture and engineering, I found my focus had moved completely to security, and the growing importance of this is an ever-increasing and therefore evolving element of the industry.

At the end of 2016, following a debilitating six months of viral arthritis which gave me time to reassess my life, I enrolled at Northumbria University to do an MSc in Cyber Security, from which I graduated in 2019.

This gave me the know-how and confidence to consider working independently, although it was also at this time that I discussed the future of Bores with my parents who were considering retiring. I had intended to start my own independent consultancy, but I decided I would rather keep the family business going for another 30+ years. Bores is a piece of history. Not only for my family but for the wider technology industry and it would almost be criminal to let it go.

Although a well-established family business, I do want to put my own stamp on Bores Consultancy Ltd with a complete redesign and relaunch whilst still delivering top-quality training and consultancy services with a rigorous security perspective whilst upholding the company values set by my parents in the past.

I hope you will join me in celebrating this new era of Bores Consultancy Ltd and wish me luck for the next stage in my career and the career of this family business. But also, I would like to reassure Sarah and Chris that their creation is safe in the hands of their son meaning they can have a relaxed retirement.

I am working on the mechanics of a safe, virtual launch party of some kind for the evening of the 4th of September. Sorry to say that it will be a bring your own bottle event, but at least the travel costs will be low.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and help over the years, I would never have gotten to this point without you all.

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