I enjoy learning about, educating audiences on, and encouraging interest in security whether that’s through public speaking, lockpicking workshops, writing, or demonstrations of what can happen when security goes wrong. I am always happy to talk to anyone about security, technology, any of my more part-time interests (beekeeping, running, and a few others), or listen and learn over a cup of coffee.

Feel free to drop me a line or connect through any of the methods below whether it’s for something I can help with, a book you’d recommend, or something else.

E-mail: james@coffeefueled.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Coffee_Fueled
Telegram: coffeefueled
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbore/

Speaking Bio

James Bore is a cybersecurity Jack of all trades by vocation and choice. In over a decade he has gathered experience meandering across a range of industry sectors, organizations, and disciplines in IT, always with a focus on championing and improving security.

James is continually testing and challenging himself, learning new skills in diverse fields including beekeeping, obstacle course racing, boxing, and herding cats. With his chosen field of cyber security constantly evolving and morphing he has to keep on his toes (not purely on the obstacle course) to be aware of emerging risks and understand how to secure against them.

His buzz is about much more than beekeeping or being fueled by coffee, he delights in encouraging others’ interests in security whether that’s through public speaking, participatory lockpicking workshops, writing, or live demonstrations. He is always happy to speak in large or small formats about security, technology, or any leisure interests and has experience working with a range of audience expertise from threat modeling delivered to his peers in the field, to teaching ten-year-olds how to work through modern cryptography on paper.